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Registered CVM/Romeldale and Dorset Horn Sheep

Quilting Batts

These 100% wool batts are made from Dorset Horn fleeces, processed in Alberta at Custom Woolen Mills. The wool is minimally processed without the chemicals that are commonly used in commercial wool processing (bleach, acids, resins, glues and chemical insect-proofing). Wool is naturally resistant to mold and mildew, absorbs and releases moisture readily, and is naturally fire resistant. These batts are perfect for quilting, stuffing comforters or splitting into rovings for handspinning. Each batt is approximately 96" x 62" and weighs 1-2 lbs. $25/lb

To order your Dorset Horn quilt batt, please send us an email.

Handspinning Fleeces

DORSET HORN FLEECE - Sold out for 2017

Dorset Horn fleeces weigh between 5 to 9 pounds (unskirted), with a Bradford count of 56s-50s and staple length of 4-6 inches. The fleece is dense, fine and extremely white. Dorset Horn spins easily and takes dye beautifully with a light sheen. Many spinning instructors recommend it highly for beginners, but it is also prized by experienced sock and sweater knitters who value Dorset Horn wool for its warmth-trapping loft and durability.

Whole raw, skirted fleeces are available after shearing in April. Dorset Horn fleeces are $7.50 per pound. To reserve your Dorset Horn fleece, please send us an email.

CVM/ROMELDALE FLEECE - currently not available from Black Mountain Farm. Please contact ontheflydye@outlook.com

Batts and fleeces can be shipped by Canada Post or Greyhound. Delivery to the Kamloops area can be arranged.

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